Whether you own a business or are responsible for keeping your home clean, it pays to be aware of
the different types of cleaning supplies available.

Not only do these products help make the job easier, but they also save time and ensure that the job is done correctly. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most common janitorial supplies out there and how you can best use them.

Cleaning Supplies
Cleaning supplies come in all shapes and sizes, from mops and brooms to vacuums and carpet
shampooers. Many people opt for disposable cleaning supplies, such as sponges, paper towels, and
wipes, while others prefer reusable tools like mops and brooms. It’s important to keep in mind that
disposable items should be replaced regularly in order to prevent bacteria build-up.

Cleaning Machines
Cleaning machines are essential for deep-cleaning carpets and other heavy-duty jobs. Vacuum
cleaners are probably the most commonly used type of cleaning machine; however, there are also
steam cleaners that use hot water or steam to remove dirt from carpets and upholstery.
Additionally, buffer machines can be used on hardwood floors to give them a polished finish.

Cleaning Chemicals
Cleaning chemicals are often necessary when cleaning surfaces such as bathrooms or kitchens where
germs can spread quickly without proper sanitization. However, it is important to choose the right
chemicals for each job – harsh chemicals may damage surfaces or cause skin irritation if used
improperly. Make sure to use protective equipment when handling these products as well!

Mops & Toilet Rolls
Mops are great for mopping up spills or cleaning floors quickly; however, they need to be used with
the appropriate type of cleaner in order for them to work effectively. Toilet rolls are essential for
keeping bathrooms hygienic; they help absorb moisture quickly while preventing bacteria from
spreading around the restroom area.

There is no shortage of janitorial supplies out there – but with so many options available it can be
hard to know which ones you need! Hopefully, this article has helped shed some light on what types
of cleaning supplies you should consider buying online or getting at your local store depending on
your specific needs. From vacuums and mops to toilet rolls and chemical cleaners – investing in top-
quality janitorial supplies will not only make your life easier but will also ensure that your home or
office is kept clean and germ-free!

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