With the summer season in full swing (despite the questionable British weather!) many homeowners are eager to make the most of their outdoor spaces. However, for those with small gardens, creating a space perfect for those sunny days without it feeling too cramped can be a challenge.

Jade Oliver, Showroom Stylic at Express Bi-Folding Doors has pulled together her top 6 must-follow tips to make the most of your small garden space this summer, and how to make it look and feel bigger.

Perspective plays a crucial role

Perspective plays a crucial role in creating the illusion of a larger garden. Express Bi-Folding Doors recommends using visual tricks to make your space appear longer or taller. For example, incorporating gradually shrinking circular tiles in a path can create a sense of depth and a vanishing effect. Similarly, oversized square tiles placed away from the house can enhance the illusion of a more spacious garden.

Colour selection is essential

The right colour selection is another essential aspect of making your small garden look better. Express Bi-Folding Doors advises homeowners to opt for bright and light shades, which can breathe life into the area and compensate for the limited sunlight the garden might get. By incorporating vibrant plants, paints, and textures, individuals can create a garden that exudes freshness and variety.

Merge indoor and outdoor spaces

Creating functional and inviting social spaces in summer is vital, even in small gardens. If you’re looking for a long-term investment in how to improve your garden, installing sliding or bi-folding doors that connect a room to the garden’s patio or deck is a great way to expand your space. This seamless integration merges your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Alternatively, constructing a tiled or decked social space at the far end of the garden, accessible via a winding path or raised beds, can also provide a sense of expansiveness, and elevate your garden’s overall height.

Incorporate a hidden space

Incorporating a hidden space within your garden adds an element of mystery and intrigue. If you can, creating a secluded area that is shielded from direct view from the house enhances the garden’s zoning effect and provide a private oasis.

Grow your plants upwards

Strategic planting can significantly impact the perceived size of a small garden. Express recommends using climbers to line walls and tiered planters to create a layered effect, with smaller plants at the bottom and taller ones on top. By avoiding overgrowth and selecting plants that complement the chosen style, homeowners can enhance the sense of height and openness in their garden.

Keep your garden tidy and clutter-free

Whilst this might seem simple, keeping the garden clutter-free is essential to maintain a spacious and harmonious environment.  Putting your potted plants into a singular area, and investing in storage space that doubles as seating can help optimize space utilization, particularly in the absence of a shed.

“These expert tips are designed to help homeowners transform their small gardens into spacious and inviting havens,” said Jade. “By following this advice, individuals can make the most of their outdoor spaces, creating an oasis where they can relax and entertain throughout the summer.”

For more information on how to maximise the space in your small garden, you can find the full blog post here: https://www.expressbifolds.co.uk/news/how-to-make-your-garden-look-bigger/

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