• Creamfields is the UK’s most Instagrammable festival, with over 487,750 hashtags on Instagram

  • Glastonbury Festival is the second most popular festival for Instagram users

  • Boardmasters is the third most Instagrammable UK festival


According to new research, Creamfields is the most Instagrammable festival in the UK.

Experts at Boohoo dove into Instagram stats and analysed the number of Instagram hashtags for the most popular UK festivals to see which ones are the most favourable on social media.

Creamfields Festival

Creamfields festival is the most Instagrammable festival in the UK, with over 487,750 hashtags for ‘#creamfields’ on Instagram. The festival is spread across two weekends in two different locations: Creamfields North which is held in Daresbury, Cheshire, from 24th-27th August and Creamfields South, located in Hylands Park, Chelmsford and will take place from 26th-28th May. Since the festival’s 25th anniversary last year, the festival began its double site weekend, which has bought in more attraction from UK festivalgoers solidifying its first-place ranking.

No matter what will be in fashion in May and August, one thing’s for sure is that festival attendees will undoubtedly have their outfits ready to go. With the scorching August sun sure to make an appearance, Creamfields festival goers will have plenty of time to put together their looks which will undoubtedly be posted on social media.

Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury festival takes second place, with the hashtag ‘#glastonburyfestival’ used on over 181,410 Instagram posts. The five-day festival takes place in Pilton, Somerset, from 21st- 25th June and has been the home of some of the most iconic festival performances the UK has ever seen, and this year will welcome some of the world’s most popular artists, including Elton John, Arctic Monkeys, Lizzo and Lewis Capaldi.


Fashion at Glastonbury has famously been taken over by notorious downpours of rain and miles of mud, but with this comes the experience that many Glastonbury fans will know about, and that is how to dress in style come rain or shine. In these previous rainy years, colourful waterproof jackets and knee-high wellies have been the go-to, as well as leather jackets and cowboy hats.

Boardmasters Festival

Held on Fistral Beach in Cornwall, Boardmasters is the third most Instagrammable festival in the UK and the only festival in the rankings to be held on a beach. The event has a capacity of 53,000 and will take place from the 9th – 13th of August this year. The festival has proved its popularity on Instagram, with the hashtag ‘#boardmasters’ being used on over 117,948 posts, putting it in third place.

This beachside festival is an ideal setting for surfer-chic festivalgoers who want to create effortlessly cool beach vibes into their sunny weekend. Many festival attendees opt for incorporating swimwear into their festival outfits and accessorising with jewellery such as pearl necklaces and anklets.

Wireless Festival

Wireless festival, which is held 7th – 9th July, takes fourth place in the rankings and will take place over one weekend at Finsbury Park in London. The hashtag ‘#wirelessfestival’ has been used on over 99,789 Instagram posts proving just how popular the festival is on social media.

Wireless is well known for its cool aesthetic, and it is predicted that Finsbury Park will see a lot of cargo-style pieces this year. Coordinating outfits are also a go-to for a wireless attendee, which is easy and makes a whole look seem effortless.

Isle of Wight Festival

The Isle of Wight festival, presented by cinch, puts Seaclose Park, Isle of Wight, in fifth place by the hashtag ‘#isleofwightfestival’ being used on over 59,651 posts on Instagram. The festival will take place this year on the 15th – 18th June this summer and has an estimated capacity of between 150,000 – 250,000 attendees.

Isle of Wight festival is known for its love for rock and pop music which is also expressed through fan’s outfits during the weekend. Many tend to opt for a classic graphic tee or dress alongside distressed denim, which is always a favourite for attendees.

BST Hyde Park

American Express presents BST Hyde Park will see London’s Hyde Park become the place to be this summer from 24th June – 8th July on set days. The 10-day event, seen across three weekends and this year, will see headliners Take That, BLACKPINK, P!NK and Guns and Roses. The hashtag ‘#bsthydepark’ has been used on over 59,389 posts on Instagram, which puts the festival in sixth position.

BEST Hyde Park has no genre when it comes to fashion, which is why it is exciting to anticipate how those attending will style themselves this year. It is predicted that this summer, trends like sheer dresses, thin textured knits and low-rise everything.

Wilderness Festival

In seventh position is Wilderness Festival, held in Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire, from 3rd – 6th August. The festival is a four-day boutique weekend which explores the Arts, well-being, food and, of course, music. Wilderness welcomes over 20,000 to join in the excitement over the first weekend of August and has become increasingly popular on Instagram over the past few years, with the hashtag ‘#wildernessfestival’ on over 45,865 posts.

Wilderness is well known for its themed days, which occur over the weekend. This year the themes are yet to be announced, which makes it harder to plan for the occasion, but knowing the Wilderness, they will not hold back. Themes from the past years have included ‘all things gold’ and ‘eclectic geometric’, which prove just how bold and eccentric the festival is.

Camp Bestival

Camp Bestival will be held across two weekends this year in both Dorset on 27th-30th  July at Lulworth Castle and Shropshire on 17th-20th August at Weston Park. The festival’s fans exploded on Instagram with 45,865 posts for ‘#campbestival’, which places the family-friendly ‘festi-holiday’ in eighth place.

This family-friendly event is undoubtedly one to bring out flowy summer dresses and bold-colourful outfits. In previous years, posts on Instagram reflect the fun-loving and outgoing vibe of the weekend, so all things glitter, bright and bubbly are the way to go for a Camp Bestival outfit.

Latitude Festival

Held in the surrounds of Henham Park in Suffolk, Latitude festival ranks as the ninth most Instagrammable festival, with the hashtag ‘#latitudefestival’ totalling 36,878 posts. The popular festival, which will be held 20th – 23rd July, has been running for over 15 years and is best known for exploring music, science, theatre, podcasts, wellness and family activities.

This festival is the perfect place to be extravagant and colourful, with many in previous years opting for flashy colours and textures; anything goes is the motto for this festival.

Y Not Festival

Derbyshire’s Y Not festival is held from 28th July – 30th July, and with over 16 years of celebrations, the festival has solidified its popularity within the UK festival scene. The hashtag ‘#ynotfestival’ has 21,626 posts shared on Instagram, putting the festival in tenth place. The festival was originally planned as a house party back in 2005 when organiser Ralph Broadbent relocated to a quarry site, the festival now invites over 15,000 fans to enjoy the music and celebrate over the late July weekend.

Y Not Festival is a pop, indie and rock-themed festival which is perfect for those who love to dress grungy and bold, as well as those who prefer a more relaxed and boho-style approach.


A spokesperson from Boohoo commented:

“UK festivalgoers have made quite an impact on Instagram over the years, sharing their festival snaps and videos from some of the most anticipated and famous UK festivals during the summer.

Alongside sharing photos of the artists that may have headlined, there has been a rise in interest in sharing ‘festival fashion’ snaps, with influencers and celebrities showing fans their thoughtfully pieced-together outfits in the hopes of gaining likes and attraction towards their pages.”


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