Renowned trail-blazing dentist, entrepreneur and Founder and Clinical Director of the London Smiling clinics
Dr Uchenna Okoye has been transforming smiles for over 25 years. Driven by a passion to give people
confidence in their smiles every day, Dr Uchenna has poured her expertise and knowledge into her own teeth
whitening collection – MYSMILE. A powerful, award-winning capsule collection helping everyone achieve a
healthier, brighter, more beautiful smile.

Dr Uchenna says, “MYSMILE…takes the guesswork out of caring for your teeth.
Even I am overwhelmed by the chemist looking at the array of toothpaste and oral
hygiene on offer! Good smiles are made by simple steps every day, so I wanted to
create something that I felt really worked, you could trust and was straight-forward
and a pleasure to use.”
MYSMILE Whitening Toothpaste (£17.99 / 75ml)
• This treatment toothpaste has the power to whiten teeth by gently removing stains, with the ability to
protect and nourish.
Key Ingredients:
o Premium Whitening Agents – Not all silica is made equal. This
patented blend of finest silica exfoliates, cleanses and polishes
teeth, while being gentle on enamel.
o Hydroxypatite – Essential in helping to rebuild tooth enamel and
prevent demineralisation, a solid protector for the outer layers of
the teeth.
o Preservative Free – Preservatives are only needed when a
toothpaste formula has a high-water percentage and can grow
bacteria. This highly concentrated, low-water MYSMILE formula is
free from any preservatives – there’s no need!
o SLS Free – SLS is simply not needed and in some cases can cause
o Flavour – Natural peppermint with a dash of spearmint oil to give
a light sweet fresh scent to cleanse breath without burning.
Dr Uchenna says, “Use MYSMILE Whitening Toothpaste to brush your teeth twice a day without rinsing to
brighten your smile.”

MYSMILE Whitening Pen (£23.99 / 2ml)
• This beauty-dental hybrid is the perfect way to instantly brighten up any smile and whiten teeth over time.
• The innovative gel brushes on easily to immediately transform and refresh your smile, giving you brighter
teeth with a sparkling pearlescent glow, while carefully nourishing the enamel.
• MYSMILE Whitening Pen is the smart solution to prevent those embarrassing lipstick stains and keep your
teeth beautifully bright between whitening appointments.
Key Ingredients:
o Phthalimidoperoxycaproic Acid (PAP) – This non-invasive hero
ingredient oxidises and brightens stains built up on the enamel surface.
As not all PAP is created equal, MYSMILE uses a concentrated liquid
the form that is more effective and safely brightens teeth while maintaining
the integrity of the enamel.
o MICA – a purely cosmetic ingredient that provides a sparkling,
pearlescent finish to your teeth.
o Calcium Gluconate – provides the ingredients to re-mineralise,
helping to contribute to the strengthening of the enamel.
o Sodium Hydroxide – Reduces the acidity of the formulation, adjusting
the pH to avoid any damage to teeth.
How to Use – Touch Ups:
To instantly boost your smile, dry your teeth with a paper towel and simply apply a thin layer directly onto each
tooth. Smile for 60 seconds to allow the gel to dry.
How to Use – Special Occasions & Long-Term Whitening:
Begin treating every day for a week before your event.
How to Use – Between Whitening Treatments:
To avoid moisture interfering with the formula, place cotton wool above the area you wish to whiten between
the gum and inside the mouth to keep the area dry (canine teeth are often a shade darker than other teeth). Dry
teeth and apply the product directly.

Dr Uchenna says, “Use your Whitening Pen to target the darker areas of your teeth (e.g. canines) to
balance your smile.”

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