Whilst it might not be the first thing we think about when decorating our home – our front door is the first thing many of our visitors see upon their arrival. The truth is unless you’re a professional home decorator or renovation expert, picking the right tone and colour for your front door can be quite a difficult task.

Whilst we might just want to go for our favourite colour, or what seems ‘trendy’ now – picking a colour that doesn’t match the architectural style of your home can make it look gaudy or out of place.

With this in mind, experts at Express Bi-Folding Doors have compiled a handy guide on picking the perfect colour for your front door.

Dark colours are currently the most popular front door colours

Steve Bromberg, Express Bi-Folding Doors’ Managing Director shed some light on what the most popular door colours are right now. “Primarily darker tones, such as light grey, dark grey and black – but we also see cream being quite a popular choice. We’ve also recently launched some woodgrain entrance doors, with the most popular shade being a natural oak finish and also a concrete oak finish”

What should you consider when picking the colour of your front door?

Whilst grey and black are the go-to colours at the moment – will they suit your home? There are multiple factors to take into consideration when picking the colour.

Architecture – The style and architecture of your home will determine which colours suit it, contemporary homes are likely to suit darker tones such as black and grey, but Georgian-style homes will suit brighter colours such as red and yellow.

Location – If you do want to blend in with your surroundings, these can have a big impact on the colours you chose. Most homes in the countryside will use more neutral, muted tones whilst seaside properties will use nautical hues such as greens and blues.

Brickwork – Unless you’re building your home from scratch, we don’t really have a choice in the colour or style of our brickwork and it’s something you need to consider when picking the colour of your front door. Does the colour of your door complement the shade of the brickwork?

What is the best colour for different styles of homes?

As mentioned, the style of a home will play a role in the colours that work.

Traditional homes – These periods and Victorian-style homes suit more traditional door colours, such as blacks and reds.

Terrace houses – These side-by-side homes can sometimes easily blend into each other, which is why brightly coloured doors – such as yellow and bright green, can create a striking visual display and make your home stand out.

Country homes – Typically in open environments surrounded by nature, these homes are perfectly accented by neutral and pastel colours.

Coastal properties – Being so close to the sea, you’ll see most homes with blue, turquoise and green doors to flawlessly blend in with their surroundings.

Contemporary builds – These modern homes are where some of the most popular colours come into play, favouring shades of black or grey.

What does the colour of my door say about me?

Sometimes the colour of a front door doesn’t have to go off the style of your home or its location – whilst this is advice, rules are sometimes made it be broken. If you want something different, different colours can reflect different personalities – do you want your door to reflect you as a person, or give off a specific vibe? Express Bi-Folds have looked at colour psychology to reveal what these different colours can mean.

Red – While it can be matched with anger, in many cases, a red door’s eye-catching shade hints at confidence and power, making it ideal for those homeowners looking to show off their property.

Pink – Associated with a sense of nurturing warmth, pink is up-and-coming and a great option for those whose homes have pale exteriors.

Orange – Embodying optimism and enthusiasm, an orange front door is typically quite rare but is an excellent choice for those who want a motivating colour for when they come home.

Yellow – One of the brightest door shades available, yellow is thought to help stimulate decision-making. It’s also great if you’re looking for a way to brighten your home’s exterior without going overboard.

Blue – A very common, if not the most common front door colour, blue doors have a well-earned reputation for producing a sense of calm and peace. It’s a classic colour that can look good on most homes.

Green – Anyone seeking a nature theme to match their garden would do well to pick a shade of green for their front door. Doors of this colour exemplify harmony and growth and can be contrasted with flowering plants potted close by.

Brown – Perhaps not the first colour you think of when painting a door, but brown can really bring a sense of safety and assuredness to a space. This muted colour also blends well with many typical brick wall tones for an even colour shade.

Grey – Grey can be associated with maturity, and as we mentioned, is very much on trend when it comes to contemporary homes.

Black – Sophisticated and domineering, black doors are popular simply because of their traditional aesthetic. They are the classic way to highlight an elegant entryway.

White – Perhaps an unusual front door colour, white is often seen as a blank canvas representing purity and freshness, making it ideal for those after a pristine look.

To see more advice on how to choose the perfect colour for your front door, you can find the full blog post here: https://www.expressbifolds.co.uk/news/whats-the-best-colour-for-a-front-door/

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