New and exclusively available at Whole Foods Market for 6 months, The Garden of Eva have some exciting, innovative condiments to add flavour to your summer.


Whether you fancy a unique Chili-Watermelon Jam or an American Southern Chow Chow mixed pickle relish, there’s something for everyone’s BBQ and summer picnics at Whole Foods Market.


The Garden of Eva: American Southern Chili-Watermelon Jam, £5.99:

A unique sweet and savoury blend, with a mild kick to excite your taste buds. Inspired by the American South’s love of watermelon, this American South-inspired spread ensures guilt-free consumption and is a game-changing addition to salad dressings.


The Garden of Eva: American Southern Pickled Watermelon Rind, £6.99:

An elegant, zero-waste relish crafted from leftover watermelon rind. After bathing in a sugar and spice brine, an undeniably delicious relish is revealed, ready to spice up a boring plate. Perfectly suited as a chutney substitute and to consume with roasted meats such as duck and venison or as a stunning salad accompaniment.


The Garden of Eva: American Southern Chow Chow, £6.99:

This mixed pickle relish has the power to liven up any dish imaginable. As an impressive mix of green tomatoes, cabbage, peppers, onion and warm spices, it’s the perfect addition to your meal. Best served with burgers, sausages, hot dogs, grilled and fried chicken as well as mixed with sour cream for a delightful dip.



About Whole Foods Market:

  •       The world leading natural and organic foods retailer, with 7 stores in the UK comprising  over 850+ staff
  •       Stores contain a huge range of products that lead the way in quality, speciality, and vegan diets.
  •       Stores have butchers, bakeries, fishmongers, cheesemongers and specialist grocers, as well as in-store coffee roasters, health and beauty departments, restaurants and cafes.
  •       Whole Foods Market has two charitable foundations active in the UK, the Whole Planet Foundation and Whole Kids Foundation


What makesWhole Foods Market food different:

  •       Hydrogenated fats and high-fructose corn syrup are banned along with more than 100 flavours, colours, preservatives, sweeteners, and other ingredients in any of the food it sells
  •       Organic products and foods for dietary preferences throughout the store
  •       Wide selection of products ranging from local to organic


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