With over 345,000 related posts on Instagram, not to mention 275 million views on TikTok1, the growing forest core aesthetic is quickly becoming a go-to for interior design, but what are the best ways of recreating it and how does it affect our mood?

Incorporating the beauty of nature into a home not only creates a stunning environment, but it can also improve a mindset. In fact, searches for ‘calming interiors’ are up by 50% since last year2, prompting carpet and flooring specialists Tapi to team up with psychologist Dennis Relojo-Howell to explore just how Forestcore is a game-changer for home décor.

Blending mossy greens, foliage and wood textures with intricate design details, earthy colour palettes and idyllic lighting is the key to creating a still, calm and relaxing home, and Tapi has shared four essential tips on how to achieve the look, as well as advice on how each can have a positive impact on a mood.

Tips and expertise from Johanna Constantinou, Brand and Communications Director at Tapi, and Dennis Relojo-Howell, Managing Director of Psychreg.

1. Make use of the earth colour palette

The forest core theme comes with a stunning and versatile earthy colour palette, inclusive of sage, brown, beige olive and eucalyptus paired with herbaceous greens.

Joanna continues, “The trend is a nod to our natural surroundings and can be used in all home rooms. For bedrooms, having a touch of green and outside can be beneficial in helping you wind down before the end of the day. In bathrooms, it can help to create a calming atmosphere, perfect for when you want to relax during a bath.”

Dennis explains, “The gentle and soothing shades of greens, browns, and greys, often found in nature’s earth colour palette, can bring tranquillity to the mind. These colours create a harmonious environment that calms the senses and promotes feelings of balance and renewal. Surrounding ourselves with these hues allows us to connect with the natural world, fostering serenity and well-being.”


Tapi Carpets & Floors | Instagram user: @larule_at_home

2. Up your plant game

The quickest way to give your space the forest core look is to fill it with lots of houseplants. Create contrasting effects by playing on the difference in height. Place some on the ground, some on the windowsill, wooden stools and even a plant hanger.

Johanna adds, “Sometimes one large monstera or palm tree is enough to turn the entire interior into a home jungle. Research from NASA3 found that house plants purify the environment and remove up to 87% of the toxins in the air.”

Dennis says, “Introducing plants into our living spaces not only adds a splash of life and colour but also significantly uplifts our mood. Research has shown that plants are known to reduce stress, increase feelings of happiness, and enhance concentration and creativity. Their presence creates a living connection to nature, a calming influence that heals and invigorates the soul.”


Tapi Carpets & Floors | Instagram user: @beresfordetc

3. Go natural with flooring

As the trend has a natural aura, you need your flooring to maintain the fluid movement, and a natural look will create a warm effect. For example, to add a low-maintenance element of rusticity, laminate or vinyl will produce the look and feel of a wooden or ceramic floor.

Johanna says, “If you prefer carpets, a light green carpet will brighten darker rooms with a natural earth tone, especially when paired in rooms with less natural light.”

Dennis continues, “Natural materials such as wood and tiles in flooring offer an aesthetic appeal that resonates with our innate connection to the earth. Walking on these materials can evoke a sense of grounding, and their textural richness enhances our sensory experience. By embracing nature’s beauty underfoot, we create a space that is both energising and soothing, aligning our inner selves with the rhythms of the natural world.”


Tapi Carpets & Floors | Instagram user: @beresfordetc

4. Build up layers and textures

The texture is the key finishing touch if you want to achieve bringing the outdoors in. It connects the rough with the smooth, adds contrast to colours and builds visually pleasing layers throughout. Use a range of fabrics, work with wood, metal and tiles, and create accents with mood lighting and mirrors to complete the look.

Joanna concludes, “Layer your approach by using macramé hangers from the ceiling with pots of ferns, and arching stems and then utilise any shelves to showcase a selection of pots and textures. This allows you to use all the space you’ve got to fully immerse any room into the trend.”

Dennis concludes, “Incorporating various textures and materials such as throws, woods, tiles, mirrors, and strategic lighting in our interiors is akin to crafting a multisensory experience. These contrasts and complements mimic the complexity and richness of the outdoors. By building up these layers, we are not just designing a space but creating an environment that resonates with our primal connection to nature. This tangible connection influences our emotions and mood in profound ways, allowing us to feel both sheltered and expansive, comforted and invigorated, all at once.”


Tapi Carpets & Floors | Instagram user: @the.place.next.door

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