• 81% of Brits are more likely to help others when feeling positive, with 83% agreeing that helping others creates a ‘positivity loop’
  • According to a new report, the top acts that make Brits positive include receiving a compliment (67%), receiving a nice message from a friend/loved one (64%) and receiving a smile from a stranger (57%)
  • belVita has launched the ‘Give a Smile’ initiative to celebrate its partnership with FareShare, where belVita is collecting smiles to provide up to 100,000 meals for Brits experiencing food insecurity
  • Watch here as TV chef and rapper Big Zuu leads a ‘Smile Society’ in London, spreading positivity to passersby and collecting their smiles as part of the ‘Give A Smile’ mission

New research has revealed the power of positivity, with four in five (81%) Brits more likely to help others when feeling positive.

Harnessing this power of positivity, belVita has launched its Give a Smile, Help Fight Food Poverty initiative, in partnership with food charity FareShare. The initiative intends to help Brits experiencing food insecurity through its partnership with the charity, which will see belVita donate up to 100,000 meals to those in need.


Brits are more likely to give back when they feel positive, and the research reveals that receiving a compliment is one of the top things that sparks this positivity (67%), closely followed by receiving a nice message from a loved one (64%) and receiving a smile from a stranger (57%).

One in four reveal that feeling upbeat makes them want to give back to their local community, whether that’s donating to or volunteering for charity (39%), picking up litter (26%) or offering someone a hot drink or meal (24%).

It doesn’t stop there. Other ways people, like to ‘give back’ when they feel positive, include holding a door open for someone (59%), offering someone a seat on public transport (37%) and paying someone a compliment (25%).

And it seems there is a positivity loop at play – as the more Brits give back, the more positive they feel (78%). In fact, eight in ten Brits agree that being positive and helping others can create a ripple effect, influencing others to do the same (83%).

This positivity loop has inspired the launch of the belVita Smile Society – a group of individuals charged with spreading positivity to help belVita on its smile-collecting mission. Led by DJ, TV presenter and chef, Big Zuu, the Smile Society took to the streets of London, spreading positivity far and wide.

The squad had a variety of smile-inducing tactics up their sleeves, including compliments for strangers, impromptu rap verses, and renditions of people-pleasing chart-toppers.

Big Zuu managed to turn even the gloomiest of scowls into a smile thanks to his contagious charisma, took selfies with people in the sun, and worked with the Smile Society to spread their positivity far and wide, as they warmly engaged with one and all that crossed their paths.

belVita’s ‘Give a Smile’ campaign aims to not only generate awareness of the issue but to promote a positive cycle of giving back, where people’s positive actions have a ripple effect. By encouraging individuals to engage in acts of kindness and positivity, the campaign aims to foster a sense of community involvement and shared responsibility.

Donating a smile and joining belVita in helping to fight food insecurity couldn’t be easier. Visit one of the interactive billboards across the country with audience detection digital screens to capture your smile, visit the Give a Smile microsite, or search ‘Belvita Give a Smile’ and register your smile online.

Amy Lucas, belVita Brand Manager at Mondelēz International, said: “At belVita, we believe in the power of positive energy and understand that even the smallest of actions such as smiling at a stranger can make their day ‘that’ much better. This inspired us to use the power of a smile to spread positivity, ultimately helping others in need.

Many in the UK experience food insecurity, which is something that we want to change. Our mission is to use the power of positivity for a greater good, and through the nation’s smiles, help to fight food poverty by donating meals to FareShare.”

Big Zuu, Head of the belVita Smile Society says: “Leading the Smile Society and supporting belVita in its mission to spread positivity has been really important to me – because in doing so, we’re giving back to others, and taking part in the battle against food insecurity. 

The Give a Smile, Help Fight Food Poverty initiative isn’t just encouraging people to feel more positive in their daily lives; it’s helping some of the more vulnerable people in society, using the power of a smile. I hope it inspires us all to be a bit kinder and to use our positive energy for good.”


  1. Receiving a compliment (67%)
  2. Receiving a nice message from a friend/loved one (64%)
  3. Receiving a smile from a stranger (57%)
  4. Having a door held open for you (50%)
  5. Someone giving you an item you’ve dropped (46%)
  6. Exchanging an “Alright?”, smile or nod with a passerby (44%)
  7. Someone letting you pull out at a junction/cross the road (44%)
  8. Being offered a seat on public transport (33%)
  9. Someone offering a cup of tea as a solution to all of life’s problems (29%)
  10. Sharing a knowing smile when stuck in traffic (27%)

Search ‘Belvita Give a Smile’ for all the ways you can donate your smile today and join belVita in helping to fight food poverty.


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