Experience Natural Goodness with Melora’s Collection of High-Quality Mānuka Honey.

Melora’s collection of Mānuka Honey products makes for a natural tasty treat offering a
a wealth of health benefits for you and your family. From nurturing overall health and well-being to elevating beauty routines, adding a burst of flavour to culinary creations or providing additional immune support, Melora offers high-quality Mānuka Honey in different formats
that can be easily incorporated into the whole family’s daily routine.
While all honey has some antibacterial properties, only Mānuka Honey contains naturally
occurring antibacterial activity that is stable and can be measured. The strength of these
antibacterial properties is graded by their MGO ratings. The higher the grade the stronger
and more intense Mānuka flavour and benefits. Melora’s honey ranges from 40 MGO to 850
MGO to take advantage of the unique qualities Mānuka honey has to offer, whether it's
maintaining general wellness on a daily basis by adding a lower-strength variety to your tea
or porridge or helping to soothe a sore throat with a spoonful of high-strength Mānuka.
Crafted from the lush landscapes of New Zealand, Melora uses only natural and authentic
MGO Mānuka honey is sourced sustainably and ethically from New Zealand. Every drop of
Melora’s Mānuka Honey is harvested from remote and untouched forestlands of New
Zealand where the indigenous Mānuka bush naturally grows and thrives under the
guardianship of their Māori landowner partners. Melora is part of the UMF association, the
best quality Mānuka.
Melora offers top-quality Mānuka Honey products in three different formats,
giving you and your family the most suitable Mānuka option each day.
Melora Honey Squeeze, Flavoured MGO 70 Mānuka Honey, RRP £12.50
Melora’s convenient squeezy Mānuka Honey is great for everyday use. Perfect for the
breakfast table as an easy squeeze over pancakes, granola, or to sweeten your tea.
The bitter-sweet Mānuka alone tastes delicious on
its own, but when combined with Lemon, Ginger or
Blueberry it makes for an even more indulgent
Melora Squeeze is available in the following
● Mānuka
● Mānuka and Lemon
● Mānuka and Ginger
● Mānuka and Blueberry
Mānuka Honey, RRP from £9.99 for 250g

Melora’s range of Mānuka Honey jars brings an added boost to a cupboard staple. Enjoy it
in a soothing drink, as a topping on your morning porridge or eat it straight off the spoon.
Melora offers varying strengths of Mānuka Honey, each providing unique health benefits:
● 40 MGO: Daily use and in cooking. Cooking
with Mānuka honey is a great way to add
natural sweetener to your desserts and even to
your savoury dishes.
● 100 MGO: Perfect on porridge, in smoothies or
other healthy snacks. Mānuka honey is great as
a topper as the bittersweet taste adds a great
flavour twist.
● 300 MGO: Amazing with lemon or even with
apple cider vinegar as a wellness tonic. Melora
recommends this strength and up if you want to tap into the antibacterial and rejuvenating
effects Mānuka Honey can have on the skin – just apply directly on your skin and leave it on
for 10 minutes.
● 525 MGO: High Strength and a great option to have straight off the spoon if you have a sore
throat or are in need of some additional immune support.
● 850 MGO: Rare and ultra-high potency, offering the ultimate immune support. Best to take a
teaspoon of it on its own for a real boost of wellness.
Independently tested and qualified, every drop of Melora’s Real New Zealand Mānuka honey
contains over 2,300 unique components that contribute to its complex flavour and
remarkable benefits.
Mānuka Honey Lozenges, RRP, £6.39
Melora’s Mānuka Honey Lozenges are a great choice
when you want to take your Mānuka Honey with you in a
convenient way. Easy to carry with you during the day,
these lozenges are a perfect way to enjoy the benefits of
this superfood at any time. Lozenges provide the
antibacterial properties of Mānuka Honey combined with
Propolis, Lemon, Peppermint, Zinc and Vitamin D to
help soothe your sore throat while providing immune
support when you need it most.
Melora Mānuka Lozenges are available in two flavours:
● Lemon with Peppermint oil, Zinc and Vitamin D.
● Blackcurrant with Peppermint oil, Zinc and
Vitamin C

All products available at www.melora.co.uk
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