Rome, Florence and Naples are named in Trip Advisor’s Travelers’ Choice Best Food Destinations – World 2023.


  1. Italy is home to 3 of Trip Advisor’s Travelers’ Choice Best Food Destinations – World 2023
  2. Italy has 59 UNESCO World Heritage sites – more than any other country.
  3. Italy was the fifth most visited country on the planet in 2022, according to the United Nations World Tourism Barometer, with 49.8 million international tourist arrivals.
  4. The World Health Organization ranks Italy’s healthcare system as the second-best in the world. Life expectancy is the sixth highest in the world. Italy is also home to the world’s first identified ‘blue zone’ – in Sardinia – where the traditional, healthy lifestyle is supporting a surprisingly high proportion of the population to live past 100.
  5. Some 30,000 Britons call Italy home. A 2021 British Embassy survey of Britons in Italy found that residency was split between Lombardy (20%), Lazio (18%), Tuscany (12%), Piedmont (7%), Veneto (6.5%) and Emilia-Romagna (5%). Abruzzo, Umbria, Puglia, Calabria and Sicily also have communities of British settlers.
  6. Italy’s cost of living is 4.2% lower than the UK’s. Rent, in particular, is cheaper, with Numbeo reporting rent in Italy to be 37% lower than it is in the UK on average.
  7. Italian is one of the easiest languages to learn, requiring just 24 weeks (600 hours) or study to acquire basic fluency, according to the Foreign Service Institute (FSI)’s language ranking.
  8. There are distinct fiscal advantages for Britons who move to Italy. These include a fixed €100,000 substitute tax per year for high-net-worth individuals on income generated abroad, a 90% income tax exemption for workers relocating to southern regions and a 70% exemption for works in other regions. In addition, retirees who move to the south of Italy can enjoy a flat-rate 7% tax on their pension incomes from abroad.
  9. For digital nomads, working in Italy is an attractive option, with co-working spaces dotted around some of the most exciting cities in Europe. Italy provides a self-employment visa option for non-EU nationals, as well as a range of long-stay visas for those not intending to work while living there.
  10. Italy is a great place to study – and has been for generations. The University of Bologna was founded in 1088 and has been in continuous operation ever since, making it the oldest university in the world. Of the top 10 oldest universities, four of them are based in Italy – the others being the universities of Padua, Naples and Siena.


“Italy is an incredibly diverse country, meeting the needs of Britons who move here for a wide range of reasons. Retirees looking to make their money go further, families looking for a better quality of life and dynamic individuals looking to build their careers on their own terms can all find what they are looking for here in Italy.”

Alessandro Belluzzo, President, Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK


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