Matthew Evans, CEO of Coastal Cottages of Pembrokeshire, shares his top five tips on what to see,
do, and discover a perfect staycation in the county this autumn.
Autumn is a season of tranquillity in Pembrokeshire, offering the perfect break for those wishing to
escape the busyness of daily life. Hailed as one of the UK’s best coastal destinations, this southwest
corner of Wales has a wild, rugged coastline softened by a patchwork of golden sands, lush green
fields, and crimson woodlands.
While sunbathing may be off the cards, there is still a wealth of activities that await holiday-goers this
autumn. Be it exploring the abundant wildlife, submerging yourself into the local culture, or taking in
the crystal-clear night skies, Pembrokeshire has plenty to offer. Here are my top five things to do
during a staycation in the county.

Coastal Cottages of Pembrokeshire
  1. Ramble along the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path
    Wrapping around the coast of Pembrokeshire, the renowned path offers a connection between a vast
    wash of turquoise and an intimate network of green fields. The panoramic views over the ocean are
    the same ones our ancestors observed, giving this walk a grounding link to Welsh heritage and
    Breathing in the cool, crisp autumnal breeze whilst strolling along the 182-mile trail, will put a pep in
    your step. Through independent research, we’ve recently discovered that 78% of Brits find the coast
    has a unique re-charging effect, with a recipe of sea air (82%), scenery (65%), and coastal walks
    (57%) all elevating this feeling. 1
    If you want to warm up your hiking boots, try walking the length of the path over the course of a few
    weeks. But, if you prefer a bite-sized walk, there are over 200 circular hikes available via the Coastal
    Path website.
    If you would like further help with where to go and what to see, our in-house concierge service can
    help you craft bespoke guided walks.
  2. Sail to see Pembrokeshire’s wildlife
    Who said exploring the sea is only a summer activity? Instead, wrap up, jump onboard and sail to the
    St Davids peninsular. This is home to some of the richest marine wildlife in the country, including
    hundreds of seals lazing on the rocks nearby.
    Try your hand at differentiating between the Common Harbour and the larger Atlantic Grey seal,
    bobbing at the foot of the cliffs around  Moylegrove, Strumble Head, and St Davids. Or head to the

islands of Ramsey and Skomer to catch a glimpse of one of the largest seal breeding colonies in the
The British Isles.
In fact, autumn is the best time to spot little bundles of white fur dotted along coves in
Pembrokeshire—seal pups. In September, Ramsey Island turns into a seal nursery of sorts, homing
up to 700 pups each year, so you’re pretty sure to see one, two… or a few hundred on your boat trip.
Make sure you also keep an eye out along the cliff face for the kings of airspace, the peregrine falcon
which has a nesting population of 60 in the area.
If you want to tailor your experience, get in touch to book a bespoke boat trip from Coastal Cottages
of Pembrokeshire. Bursting with inspiration, you can sail with a local artist, author, storyteller, or
photographer to enrich your knowledge of this beautiful landscape.

Coastal Cottages of Pembrokeshire
  1. Immerse yourself in the local culture
    If you would prefer to shelter away from the elements this autumn, retreat to one of Pembrokeshire’s
    many coastal settlements, which knit together a warm and welcoming community.
    Picturesque villages are dotted within the landscape, creating a portfolio of vivid, quirky, and cosy
    towns. Why not visit the smallest city in the UK, St Davids, or head to one of Narberth’s famous
    markets, lined by an array of multicoloured Edwardian and Georgian buildings?
    Although this is a quiet corner of Wales, the area has a loud history of piracy, war, and the Tudor
    monarchy which has fed into the melting pot of culture today. Delve into the past by visiting Wales’
    oldest independent museum in Tenby or take refuge behind the walls of one of the many castles left
    standing in Pembrokeshire today.
    With the leaves turning golden brown, autumn is the perfect season to flex your creativity. Head to
    Babi-Beau Creative Café and try your hand at jewellery making, t-shirt printing, woodwork, glass
    painting, sewing, mask-making, or fabric painting. As you delve into a warming cup of coffee and
    inhale the sweet scent of freshly baked Welsh cakes, you can relax in this little café of possibilities.
    BOX OUT: Local events for your calendar:
     Narberth Food Festival (24/09/22)
     Tenby Arts Festival (September)
     World Rowing Coastal Championships (07/10/22- 16/10/22)
     Tenby Blues Festival (18-20/11/22)
  2. Sample the freshest seafood
    From lobster and haddock to scallops and mussels, there is an abundance of marine cuisine for your
    fork this coming autumn. With the sea on your doorstep, the catch doesn’t need to go much further to
    the kitchen!

As the water temperature begins to cool in September, oysters, cockles, and mussels begin to plump
as they transition out of their spawning season, which is good news for your plate. Unlock your inner
foodie and sample local delicacies from one of the world’s deepest natural harbours in Milford Haven,
or from the Fishguard’s Traditional Thursday Market in the Town Hall.
Don’t pass on the Fishguard Cawl Crawl, which welcomes you to enjoy a warm bowl of homemade
cawl in different establishments in Fishguard. By voting for your winning dish and best atmosphere,
you become part of the close-knit community.
If the wood-burning fire in your holiday cottage seems too cosy to leave behind, speak to our Coastal
Cottages concierge service. We can offer several wonderful dining experiences, including personal
chefs, so you don’t even have to step foot outside the comfort of your holiday home to enjoy the local

  1. Stargaze in designated dark sky areas
    When the autumn sunsets and your day adventures come to an end, there is another world waiting to
    be discovered—right above you! With a network of National Trust designated Dark Sky Discovery
    Sites above Pembrokeshire, it would be a mistake to skip stargazing.
    Autumn and spring are the best periods for stargazing in the northern hemisphere—the nights are
    longer but not as chilly as the winter months. This means you can observe awe-inspiring skies, with
    less of a shiver.
    Coastal Cottages of Pembrokeshire’s Stargazing Bubble Tent experience offers breathtaking views
    of the dark skies on a clear night. With a fully transparent ceiling, the inflatable bubble tent fit with
    beanbags and blankets allows for uninterrupted panoramas of the stars and glowing moon.
    Cosy getaways
    If you feel yourself falling for Pembrokeshire, here is a selection of stays to enhance your autumnal
    Carreg Samson
    This charming stone cottage is full of character. The panoramic windows overlook the quaint fishing
    beach of the nearby village of Abercastle. Sink into the sofa and watch the oystercatchers source the
    freshest seafood Wales has to offer, which can be delivered straight to your door with Solva Seafoods
    Prices start at £1300 for seven nights.
    The Blue House
    This timber lodge is huddled in the ancient woodland of Trefloyne Manor Golf Course and Country
    Club, a short one-mile stroll to Tenby South Beach. It is a brilliant option to unwind and snuggle up.
    Watch the falling leaves from the comfort of the cottage or join the nearby Pembrokeshire Coastal
    Path to feel the sea breeze on your face.
Coastal Cottages of Pembrokeshire

Prices start at £630 for seven nights.
Parker’s Folly
This charming pod offers a quirky sanctuary for a couple’s getaway this autumn. It overlooks rolling
fields and St Brides Bay, and with the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path 100 meters from your French
doors, you can roll out of bed and catch the sunrise. Or, if you’re not an early bird, the night sky.
Prices start at £540 for seven nights.
This luxury contemporary holiday home is beautifully furnished in tones to reflect the ever-changing
waterway it overlooks, with locally produced Melin Tregwynt and Solva Woollen Mill touches, and
original local art. Your very own waterside terrace allows you to watch the gentle ebb and flow of the
tide, with boats coming and going. But if you’d prefer to explore, just yards from the door are a range
of restaurants, cafes, and boutique shops.
Prices start at £600 for seven nights.

Pembrokeshire is a tranquil haven away from the bustle of modern life. Easily accessible from major
cities, such as London, Birmingham, Bristol, and Cardiff anyone can enjoy the splendours of autumn
in the county. By immersing yourself in the rich wildlife this area has to offer, sampling the freshest
produce of the season, getting stuck into the local culture, or gazing up into the glittering night’s sky,
this pocket of Wales has everything you could wish for.
If you want to know more about how to plan the perfect stay in the county, get in touch with one of our
Coastal Cottages of Pembrokeshire concierges on  01437 765 765 or via

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