As the temperature is getting cooler and the nights are getting darker earlier, it is time to
begin thinking about how to get your skin ready for this winter.
With the change of seasons, comes changes in the weather, with these environmental
factors having an impact on our skin health as well as our general well-being. This is why it
is crucial to plan with your skincare, particularly to ensure your skin is happy and hydrated
for the coming darker months.
Here are just some of the products which can help you ensure a winter skin glow:

Winter Skin Must-Haves – Skin supplement shot!
One way to pack your skin with extra nutrients to ensure it is healthy this winter is by taking
a daily supplement for optimum skin health. With, AETHERN®, doing just that. This
supplement is a unique drinkable blend that in a single shot gives you all the nutrients you
need to enhance your skin’s radiance, hydration, firmness, and protection. 
Aethern® contains over 5000mg of bioactive collagen peptides, which are key building
block proteins that immediately enhance skin’s firmness and elasticity. It is full of
hyaluronic acid and organic silicon to offer deep hydration and reduce fine lines. As well as
lots of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory to leave your skin firmer and its tone more even.
It works at a deep cellular level and has a crucial role in skin regeneration and protection.
The Aethern® formula has high bioavailability which is the necessary amount for
maximum effect and beauty benefits. These nutrients will help achieve an optimum amount
of collagen in the dermis, promoting beautiful, youthful, and healthy skin. All things we
want, especially when our skin needs an extra boost in colder weather.

Winter Skin Must-Haves – Gentle power cleanse:
We all know the importance of taking off our make-up at the end of each day, however with
our skin is more exposed to the elements, this is even more important in the colder months.
Therefore, double cleansing is an essential part of any good skincare routine. Working with a
a foaming cleanser as part of your double cleanse with help to remove all the debris and dead
skin cells off the face.
For an effective foaming cleanser to add into your routine, the Revision Skincare Gentle
Foaming Cleanser is just the product. This soap-free cleanser features a rich, velvety foam
formulated to hydrate, nourish, and soothe skin while providing antioxidant benefits.
The unique amino-acid surfactant gently yet effectively removes makeup, excess oil, and

crucially environmental impurities. So, there is no fear that you shall be stripping your skin
when it is already feeling vulnerable from the change of seasons.
Rather your skin shall be left soft and comforted. It can benefit all skin types, even
sensitive or irritated skin. Anyone can have a fresh face even when the days are gloomy.
Name: Revision Skincare Gentle Foaming Cleanser 
Size: 148ml
Price: £39.00

Winter Skin Must-Haves – Reduce Redness:
Our skin can feel extra aggravated thanks to constantly going from colder outdoor
temperatures to warmer central heated settings, which can mean extra redness on our
faces. Therefore, using a product designed to combat added redness can offer a refreshing
solution that also ensure a more even complexation.
An effective way to do this is by adding mandelic acid treatment to your autumn skincare
routine, as a way to calm down the redness. The Mandelic Mattifying Serum from Neostrata
is a lightweight, oil-free formula containing AHA Mandelic Acid, which works to control
excessive oil production and prevents the spread of blemish-causing bacteria to minimise
the severity of breakouts.
Additionally, this product contains a mild concentration of exfoliating PHA Gluconolactone
to gently refresh and smooth the skin. This shall help to leave your skin with a velvet matte
finish, ideal for a perfectly prepped base for the application of make-up. The Neostrata
Mandelic Mattifying Serum is especially suitable for oily and problematic skin types.
Name: Neostrata Mandelic Mattifying Serum
Size: 30ml
Price: £28.50

Winter Skin Must-Haves – Hydration Boost:
Moisture is a must for happy and full-looking skin, something which can easily dissipate
during winter. When your skin is tight and dry the best thing to do is provide it with added

hydration within your skincare to help it be happy and healthy. The Hyaluronic Acid Face
Sheet Mask from Croma Skincare has incorporated ingredients to increase the moisture
level in the skin. Whilst also alleviating visible dryness and improving the skin’s elasticity.
In addition to its pleasant cooling effect, the delicate formula reduces small wrinkles and
leaves the skin glowing. Regular use can help fight signs of skin aging and maintain a
youthful appearance. This pack of woven sheet masks are dermatologically tested and
ensure a radiant complexion
Name: Croma Hyaluronic Acid Face Mask
Size: 8 masks / package
Price: £48.00   

Winter Skin Must-Haves – Moisture lock:
To lock in all the goodness, you are putting into your skincare routine, a nourishing
moisturiser is key. Smooth on the CALECIM® Professional Restorative Hydration Cream to
combat dehydration and ensure a healthy skin barrier. This product works on two fronts to
combat skin dryness, which is a major contributor to skin aging. While active ingredients in
the CALECIM® conditioned media are allowed to penetrate deep into the skin, at the same
time the cream slows down water loss through the skin by sealing the skin barrier.
Any good moisturiser must work to revive dry, tired, and stressed skin. Whilst also helping
to Instantly plump and hydrate, with a visible improvement in fine lines, shadows, and skin
texture with continued use as part of a wider winter routine.
Name: CALECIM® Professional Restorative Hydration Cream
Size: 20g / 50g
Price: £69.00 / £203

 SPF protection – even in the winter!
SPF is a daily skincare essential – yes, no matter what the season, sun exposure levels or the
weather our skin needs sun protection. Actually, sun exposure over time and without
essential UVB and UVA protection can have a cumulative effect that is proven to result in
fine lines, sagging skin, and pigmentation as we age.

The Epionce Ultra Shield SPF50 is a lightweight, long-lasting and water-resistant SPF that protects
against UVA / UVB sun exposure. Providing you with luxurious SPF to add to the final step
of your skincare routine each morning. This SPF helps prevent premature skin aging and
also works to reduce the risk of skin cancer. It is effective in combatting environmental
aggressors associated with outside exposure, especially in the colder months. This product is
suitable for all skin types, is vegan, and blends flawlessly under makeup without leaving a
white residue on the skin. 
Name: Epionce Ultra Shield SPF50 
Size: 48g
Price: £81.00

With these top products and tips, you are now better equipped to ensure your skin glow this
winter. By establishing the proposed measures into your routine, you can take care of your
skin, helping it to be protected and hydrated for this coming season and also as a great
foundation for your long-term skin appearance and skin health.

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