ARRAN Sense of Scotland is a brand that’s committed to reducing its environmental impact. With products inspired by and aligned with nature, it has been moving towards sustainable packaging and ways of working for a number of years. The aim? A product range that not only reflects the natural habitat of the Isle of Arran but is kinder to the planet so that it can be enjoyed for generations to come. 

Here we’ve picked out some sustainable swaps from the range highlighting that no matter what your daily hygiene and beauty regime looks like, there are small steps that can help you along the road to sustainability.  

Sustainable swap: liquid soaps to solid soaps 

Solid soaps may be viewed as an old school by some, but ARRAN Sense of Scotland says they’re making a comeback. In recent years, the brand has seen a huge rise in solid soaps – up 350% YOY at one point – demonstrating the importance of sustainability for its customers.  

And with new formulations making them kinder to the skin, they’re shrugging off the negative reputation they once had.  

Environmental benefits of ARRAN Sense of Scotland’s solid soaps 

They often last longer: “When it’s housed in a convenient pump action bottle, we often use more than we need without really thinking about it,” said Kevin Meechan, CEO at ARRAN Sense of Scotland, “even with our liquid soaps a small amount goes a long way. Adopting a less is more attitude is great for both the environment and your pocket.” 

Natural products: All of ARRAN Sense of Scotland’s products are enriched with natural ingredients such as vegetable-based glycerine is an earth-friendly product that has no negative impact on the environment and is brilliant for the skin. 

Packaging: Estimated that the plastic packaging used in liquid soaps requires around 20% more energy to produce and post use, huge amounts of plastic will end up in oceans and waterways. That said, as of 2022, all ARRAN Sense of Scotland’s bottles are made using 100% PCR (post-consumer recycled) materials. 

Beautifully presented in fully recyclable packaging, ARRAN Sense of Scotland’s soaps are enriched with vegetable glycerine and enlivening essential oils.  

Top solid soaps from the ARRAN Sense of Scotland range: 

Sustainable swap: microbeads to natural exfoliants 

The tiny beads of plastic found in some exfoliating beauty products may leave skin feeling soft, but they’re extremely harmful to the environment. Because they are so small, they will often find their way through water filters and into the oceans where they are consumed by marine life. 

They are made entirely from plastic and will not break down over time, but there are natural alternatives that will have the same benefits to the skin as microbeads. Oatmeal, apricot seeds, and wheat germ will all gently exfoliate without polluting the earth’s waterways.  

Honey and Oatmeal Soap – £8  

The sweetness of honey and nourishment of almonds come together in this beautifully cleansing and moisturising bar of soap. A gentle lather that never dries out the skin, the Honey and Oatmeal bar soap by Arran doesn’t just smell divine but keeps skin feeling refreshed and cared for. 

Wheatgerm and Vitamin E – £8  

Gently polish and revive the skin with natural oatmeal and vitamin E.  

Sustainable Swap: Shave foam for traditional shave brush & soap 

Not only does shaving foam contain chemicals that can harm natural ecosystems, but the packaging can also be problematic to recycle. Far better than, returning to the traditional shave brush and soap format. For a product with longevity that’s also kind to skin, ARRAN Sense of Scotland customers says its shaving stone/soap can last up to a year. And with refills available, packaging sent to landfills is greatly reduced.  

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