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With Winter approaching, November is the perfect opportunity to jet off to the Caribbean before the Christmas Festivities. This year why not shake things up and soak up the sun whilst lounging aboard a private yacht?  With crystal clear waters and exquisite views, sailing around the Caribbean is the ultimate destination for travellers seeking a unique holiday experience.

Borrow a Boat a leading yacht and boat charter portal for boat owners, boasts an extensive list of approximately 45,000 boats in over 65 countries worldwide, and a large range across the Caribbean islands. Whether it’s just a day boat you require or a boat to stay in over the course of your vacation, it’s the perfect time to get creative with your holiday.


With hurricane season drawing to a close, the Caribbean is reopening its doors as an opulent destination for tourists, with clear blue skies and thriving wildlife. A vast range of itineraries are available, from exploring jungles to basking on secluded beaches, the enchanting Caribbean islands can hold host to the most luxurious of vacation fantasies. Embark on a yacht to experience the culturally rich islands around the Caribbean, from the vibrant food to the lively music, this is the perfect area to escape the mundane everyday life at home and become immersed in a new experience.


At Borrow a Boat we have put together a list of options for any budding sailors or relaxing sunbathers wishing to set sail on a deluxe boat this November:


Leopard 50 (2019) in Wickhams Cay II Marina

£6,388 for 7 nights, £532 per person

British Virgin Islands


The Virgin Islands are a tropical paradise, boasting turquoise waters, white sandy beaches and incredible landscapes, the perfect destination for holidaygoers that crave a serene escape. When visiting the Virgin Islands, travellers can dine at the highly recommended beachside restaurant CocoMaya and watch the gorgeous sunset whilst enjoying a range of cuisines, from Caribbean to Asian fusion. After experiencing the 5-star rated food, diners can enjoy live music and Caribbean dancing well into the night, bringing the island to life and making unforgettable memories.


Oscar V – Borrow A Boat

£5160 for 7 nights, £430 per guest



Martinique is a French region on the Eastern coast of the Caribbean, the hidden gem boasts a tropical climate and serene landscapes, perfect for the ultimate holiday when you want to escape the winter season in the UK.

The town of Fort-de-France will allow visitors to immerse themselves in French-Caribbean culture, whilst gazing at the narrow streets and steep hills that make this location so individual. The colourful history of this Island makes it an unforgettable holiday experience, embracing the background whilst simultaneously enjoying a relaxing sailing trip across magnificent seas.


If you’re a foodie, most of the great restaurants in Martinique feature French influences, giving the local Caribbean cuisine a unique edge that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere. The island’s idyllic gardens and vistas are best explored on a full stomach, and we’ve got a list of some places to fill up that we think you’ll love.


La Luciole is a lunchtime Creole restaurant just a few kilometres north of Fort-de-France. The mountains provide the backdrop in a lush outdoor setting, and it’s a great place to stop off after visiting Balata Gardens next door.

La Luciole provides a set lunch menu with marlin or Caribbean accra fritter starters, a choice of 4 main courses, and cake or ice cream for dessert. You can choose from scallops, smoked chicken or coconut chicken curry for the main course, but the Martinique speciality fricassée de chatrou (tomato-based octopus stew) is a must-try. There’s a vegetarian menu, too.


Perpetual Blue (2013) in Fort Burt Marina

£23000 for 7 nights, £2,300 per guest


British Virgin Islands, Tortola


In the beautiful Tortola, part of the archipelago of the British Virgin Islands, this luxurious yachting experience awaits a group of lucky individuals. Enjoy the still blue waters of the Caribbean, lounging on the sun deck or experiencing the water sports on offer when booking this option.


Tortola, rich in history and culture, is the perfect mix of historic architecture and white sand beaches, making for an interesting yet relaxing escape for tourists. Visit the island’s most popular beach “Cane Garden Bay” before taking a trip down to the “Callwood Distillery” to witness the process of rum making, one of the last of its kind in the British Virgin Islands.


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