With an abundance of mangoes at Jade Mountain’s Emerald Farm, the hotel is delighted to be hosting its 17th Annual Mango Madness Festival this June. 

Embrace flavour-packed local cuisine and exclusive mango-themed activities among the lush sun-soaked mountain scenery of Jade Mountain. The festival invites guests to eat, drink, relax, and discover the many ways succulent St. Lucian mangoes are enjoyed. 

Mango Madness is a celebration of flavours, culture, and the bountiful sea. Come, be part of this tropical gastronomic extravaganza, where mangos take centre stage and island traditions thrive. Embrace the spirit of summer with Jade Mountain and let the mango madness sweep you away.

Mango Magic with Chef Allen Susser

Celebrate the essence of mangoes with James Beard Award-winning consulting chef, Allen Susser at the Mad, Mad Mango Festival. Savour his signature 25# Mango Mojitos and reserve your spot for the Night of 1000 Mangos dinner, an unforgettable culinary collaboration with Chef Elijah.

The Versatile Mango

From the sweet rush of a juicy mango bite to the fleshy peach flavours, buttery tartness, and sour, fibrous delights, mangoes come in a myriad of forms, finding their way into hundreds of treats and dishes, from smoothies and cocktails to salsas, chutneys, ice creams, and more. For ultimate relaxation, enjoy a mango-infused massage under the shade of a majestic 100-year-old Mango tree, or indulge in the Mango Bajita Massage.

Mango Treasure Hunt

Explore over one hundred mango varieties on a mango culinary treasure hunt at the hotel’s Organic Emerald Estate. Chef Frank presents Mango Mornings and his Caribbean Mango Tango Dinner. Other highlights include the Bikinis & Mangos Tasting Bash and Chef Ruban’s West Indian Mango Chutney workshop on the beach. Additionally, explore the art of mango cooking all month long with our chef’s “Mangos LIVE Cooking sessions.”

Fisherman’s Feast – Sunday 30th June

On the last Sunday in June, a national holiday known as Fete Peche, the festivities conclude with the Fisherman’s Feast. It’s a thanksgiving celebration that pays tribute to the sea’s vibrancy and treasures. Jade Mountain’s Chef Elijah curates a “Bubbles and Fins” seafood tasting menu, thoughtfully paired with effervescent bubbles from around the world, including Venetian Prosecco, Catalan Cava, and French Champagne, served every Sunday night in June.

Jade Mountain calls all mango lovers to savour the mouth-watering flavours of this local fruit surrounded by the lush scenery of Soufriere. Book your St. Lucian escape and indulge in west-Indian traditions, satisfying the palate, body, and mind in a mango-filled paradise. 

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