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Take control of your health and wellbeing this Spring with the launch of the 12-Week Summer Programme from international fitness and lifestyle brand, It’s SO Simple.

Designed to put you back in charge of your goals, It’s SO Simple coaches clients on changing their mindset to make consistent, daily changes to achieve long-term success. Rooted in the fundamental principles of mindful connection and self-transformation, this exceptional method caters to those who crave a better understanding of their body, mind, and health, with each programme tailor-made to an individual’s needs.

Founded by Rachael Sacerdoti in 2020, It’s SO Simple focuses on four core pillars; fitness, nutrition, community, and accountability, to offer life-changing results that are built to last. With her 12-week Summer Programme, Rachael (with her team) develops a roadmap for each client, setting out personal goals, along with the principles of effective execution to achieve real results and instil lifelong changes. Seasonal meal plans, recipes, exercise regimes, and personal support are all included to help each client get in prime shape; physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Our programme offers a simple way to help each client take ownership of their own journey and change their mindset. Whether you are looking to tone up, build stronger joints, improve your flexibility, or want to know how to best fuel your body to get the best from it, we are here to help.” – Rachael Sacerdoti, It’s SO Simple

Providing in-depth advice, guidance, and support, the It’s SO Simple programme is limited to small numbers to ensure a personal and exclusive experience. Group sizes are no bigger than 15, with two dedicated coaches on-hand to discuss goals, recipes, progress, and everything in-between (they can even advise what dish you should order in your favourite restaurant). Fuelled with knowledge, it is this support network that gives space for deeper development and growth, while empowering and educating, providing each client with the knowledge to establish lifelong habitual change.

Ideal for anyone who is looking to create healthy, mindful habits immediately, the It’s SO Simple 12-Week Summer Programme is available now. For all enquiries see or IG

Encouraging clients to take positive control of their choices wherever they might be, Rachael offers her top tips for staying healthy and on track during the holidays: –

  • Order like a New Yorker. Ask for sauce and dressing on the side. If you can’t see what you want to eat on the menu, don’t be shy to ask if the kitchen can cook it for you.  
  • Sip sip sip. Always pack a water bottle and sip throughout the day. If you’re going to be in the sun then it’s easier to dehydrate than in shady Britain.  
  • Don’t graze your way to a 7-course breakfast. If there’s a breakfast buffet, work out what you want before you approach the breakfast bar.  
  • Think ‘where’s the protein’ at every meal and then build your choice around this. Eggs or yoghurt for breakfast are a great option. Grilled meats or seafood options are widely available for lunch and dinner.  
  • Don’t talk yourself out of a workout. We often have more time, not less on holiday. Finding a spare 45-mins away from the kids to exercise can feel like a real treat and will always lift your mood.  
  • If you’re drinking alcohol, keep hydrated with water on the side. If your favourite tipple is a cocktail, try swapping for a much lower-sugar spirit plus real lime, grapefruit, orange or cucumber.  
  • Save your indulgences for something really special. A cheap glass of wine in a plastic glass by the pool – totally not worth it. A chilled glass or two of fizz overlooking the sea – now that sounds like bliss!  
  • Switch off and disconnect. Leave your device in your room and enjoy family time making real memories. Emails and social media will all wait for you.
  • Aaaaaand rest! Enjoy some rest days, extra sleep and let your body unwind and recharge.  

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