Professional Cleaning Technology for Dental Appliances in The Comfort of Your Own Home

In recent years, cosmetic dental procedures have experienced exponential growth, and people are seeking less invasive alternatives to traditional dental work to achieve the look they are after. One treatment that hit the market by storm is clear plastic aligners. As a result of wearing the aligners for up to twenty-two hours of the day, it’s essential to clean them properly to maintain the discrete aesthetic look and preserve excellent oral health.

Dental Pod offers a precise and effortless solution – ultrasonic cleaning for all dental appliances. Over time, dental appliances can harbour bacteria and plaque, which contributes to bad breath
and dental hygiene, and gives the appearance of a discoloured and cloudy aligner. There are many ways to clean dental appliances, such as brushing them with a toothbrush or rinsing them
in a solution; however, none compare to the advanced, clinical-grade cleaning offered by ultrasound.

Zima Dental has engineered the Dental Pod to use 42,000 Hz high-frequency sound waves. The sound waves create a vibration that produces millions of nano-scale bubbles that eliminate
harmful bacteria and plaque build-up, even in the smallest crevices, with no abrasion. Ultrasound is a cleaning method used and trusted in dental practices for decades; Dental Pod allows users to utilise this cleaning method from the comfort of their own home in just five minutes. Save yourself the time and hassle of cleaning your dental appliance; the Dental Pod Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine has you covered with an effortless, deeper clean for your appliance.

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