Kalonology Pro-Age Marine Collagen Boost & Oxygenating Night Cream – 50ml, RRP £115

Enriched with skin-firming extracts, peptides, cellular DNA repair enzymes, and a powerhouse of antioxidants that work together to enhance collagen synthesis – reducing the appearance of wrinkles, hydrating, and facilitating cellular DNA repair while you sleep.

night cream

Liquid Oxygen (Perfluorocarbons) are heavier than water and instantly penetrate the surface to oxygenate cells – neutralising carbon dioxide along the way. Kalōnology uses biologically inert versions which instantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles by 15%. They take on a similar role to red blood cells by enhancing the delivery of oxygen. When applied topically, they deeply penetrate the skin barrier, fortifying cell membranes and significantly promoting healthier skin.

Zoetic – CBD Multi-Vitamin MoisturiserRRP £40 | 50ml  

Zoetic is the leading pioneer in hemp cultivation and sustainable farming. Zoetic has focused on creating all-natural products that lead the way in skincare and self-care. Zoetic creates products to support healthier and happier living and is committed to sustainability, social responsibility, and total transparency.

The Zoetic Multi-Vitamin Moisturiser is a nourishing and luxurious CBD-infused moisturising cream containing key ingredients Vitamin A, E, and C, this silken moisturiser promotes firmness and elasticity while acting to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and tired skin.

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