When I (Ryan Smith) started to work as a personal trainer I had the vision to bring my clients the best version of themselves. The best version of themselves is literally what I mean because everybody has different aspirations and expectations so I listen to what my client wants (lose weight, tone up, get fitter and leaner),  and balance it with what I think is possible, we start to work towards that goal. At RFS we work very client-centric and we match expectations with our experience and expertise, it is a joint collaboration really. 

Through my personal and professional experience and expertise, I can quickly assess to what level I can bring the client. I can see the potential they often do not see. I believe in possibilities and I look to the road ahead not to the past. It may be a far-fetched comparison, but it is a bit like a sculptor that looks at a rock or the trunk of a tree and already sees the statue he can make from it. 

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Clients that have not been working out for a long time or never at all for that matter tend to underestimate what they can achieve or compare themselves with others who are fitter than them. It is my job as a transformational coach to make sure that the person I am working with not only gets the desired result but also the feeling of being successful at it during the process. To keep being motivated we need to have the experience of success and we build up from there. It is the continuous balance between pushing hard enough to make progress but also not going too far so that my client feels he/she can not do it or gets injured. I pride myself to say the contrary, I get many clients that have some kind of injury or limitation in the beginning, and by working with me or anyone on my team the condition improves or even gets solved. 

It is very gratifying and even emotional sometimes when the client starts to realize her or his potential. To become aware of what is possible is a process and usually has beneficial effects on many different areas of life. I have seen insecure people turning into very confident and joyful,  or people with chronic illnesses overcoming some of these limitations.  That becomes a big motivation to continue on the path of the new healthy lifestyle. 

I am not the kind of trainer that goes for quick results. Don’t ask me 6 weeks before your holidays to get you into shape and bikini ready, I do not believe in quick fixes although you can achieve a lot in 6 weeks. My aim is to go for long-lasting changes and results for my clients. Yes, we can have good results in a short period of time but what is the point in doing all the work and efforts if you do not improve your lifestyle in the long term? 

In the beginning, the focus was on transforming the body with better habits and a healthier lifestyle.  That is a very simple and straightforward goal but very quickly I learned how my clients were hitting a wall by trying to change their habits. Before we start a program with any new client we always check how that person feels, what is going on, how they are sleeping, what are their struggles and where would they like to see themselves in the future etc.

ryan smith

We map out an individual personal plan for that client and provide them with a ton of resources, support, and guidance from the start.  People tell me a lot about their life and confide in me because of the none judgemental approach I have. Someone once asked what my superpower was and my answer was this: I get the best out of people and they trust me.

It quickly became obvious that my aim of helping clients to better themselves, make real lasting changes, and become the best version of themself was actually a transformational process that involved much more than advising the right food and level of exercise. 

Everybody falls off the wagon at some point, a normal part of the process but the point is do you get up again and continue? That is where a coach comes in. 

Changing habits and transforming your body are significant changes that push you out of your comfort zone and have a whole life impact. That is an often overlooked fact. 

In a successful transformation process, you can not ignore things like mindset, emotions, hormonal changes, mental blockages, and belief systems. If someone is going to change it means that he/she needs to want it and more importantly believe it is achievable. When people come to us they consciously want change but often they are unaware of limiting beliefs that prevent them from actually thinking that they can do it. We give them the experience that they really can do it. We promote consistency and support them mentally and emotionally to be able to be consistent in difficult moments. So I grew beyond a personal trainer to become a transformational coach. It is my and my team’s job to partner with our client for the best outcome possible. 

Part of all the successful transformations besides our technical expertise is that we dive deeper and we help and support our clients to grow, and develop more insights and self-awareness. Transformational coaching is nothing less than partnering with someone to support them through significant changes in life. 

The effects of transforming the body are sometimes underestimated and certainly significant. It is not only about looking better it is about being healthier, having a stronger mindset, a more positive view of yourself, and more self-esteem and self-confidence. All of that has a profound and positive impact on how a person feels, acts, and thinks. 

Besides the personal transformations, there is also an impact on your environment, and unfortunately, changes are not always welcomed by everyone. Some clients that have gone through amazing transformations have had to deal with that. 

One of the best ways to stay on track is to be connected to like-minded people. I have created a very active support community for all my clients to connect with them. Through different channels, we provide uplifting and inspiring stories, information, and advice. We organize different online and life events where people can meet and inspire each other. Sometimes just a short conversation with another member or a coach can clear up the air and help the client to find their motivation again. For more information visit www.rfsfitness.com

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