This year, we all want to do more, see more, and experience more, and what better experience to try in the stunning Maldives than a boating trip?

Heading to the gorgeous islands during the winter and early spring means you’ll be welcomed by dry, sunny climates.

There are hundreds of islands to choose from, each with its own unique offering. But if you don’t know where to start, try island hopping in a catamaran – simply sail from one to the other to sample the delights they have to offer. A must-visit is the pulsing city of Malé, packed onto its own tiny island and boasting spice-scented markets and beautiful mosques. Once you go, it’ll be hard to come back.

What’s more, with relaxation a major part of what we look for from a holiday, boating can almost guarantee that you’ll come back feeling refreshed, lighter and a bit more bronzed. There is actually a term for the life-affirming health benefits being by the sea has on us – blue health. The sound of the waves is meditative, the rocking can help you sleep, and the vast expanse of waves helps to provide perspective on life back at home. It’s pretty much the best form of medicine you can take.

SamBoat, the global platform for boat rental, lets experts and beginners book any type of boat around the world in just a few clicks. You can book one with or without a skipper, and prices start from just £100 a day. There are three types of boats you can book for an overseas holiday: an original sailboat for a tan top-up and to be at one with the waves; a catamaran for added comfort and for bigger parties; and the luxury yacht for when you’re feeling flush and want to enjoy the rolling seas in serious style.

One of the boats SamBoat offers is this beautiful and luxurious catamaran in Malé – the Dream Mallorca. It’s a firm favourite for boating trips, and for good reason. If you are looking to replicate the hotel room experience on your sailing vacation, then this is the yacht for you. The 62ft catamaran features so much interior space and feels so luxurious, that you’ll almost forget you are floating on the water. There’s a dedicated area for sunbathing, dining, and lounging and the transition from day to night can be done with ease. The catamaran comes with a skipper on board, so even yachting novices can enjoy! Prices start from €3,170 / £2,667 per day.
Whether you’re looking to visit the Maldives to bask in complete seclusion or to take your holiday Insta stories up a notch, a boat trip with SamBoat gives you the freedom to take the trip that suits you. You can even speak with a dedicated charter advisor to help you choose the right boat for you and your holiday crew’s needs. After two years spent at home, it’s time for an adventure of a lifetime in the Maldives.

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