Luxury Fragrance Expert Releases NEW coastal-inspired Kildonan Fragrance 

ARRAN Sense of Scotland (formerly Arran Aromatics) has released its first new fragrance range in 10 years; a delicate, velvety scent, inspired by the tranquil, sun-soaked shores of Kildonan in the south of the island. 

Heaven Scent – “Sweet and delicate violet warmed with the glow of velvety orris.” 

With wildflowers swaying in the sea breeze and sun-kissed silver sands, Kildonan is a secluded coastal paradise.  

In its new fragrance of the same name, ARRAN Sense of Scotland aims to encapsulate the undisturbed cove basking in the late, summer sun – with notes of violet, pea, Lily of the Valley, cedar, orris, ambrette, and Cashmirwood. 

“Kildonan is a summer paradise encapsulated,” says Claire Logan, head of marketing for the brand. “Who wouldn’t want to be instantly transported to a secluded island cove each time they take a shower or wash their hands.  

“With sweet notes of violet and the heady floral tones of orris, it’s reminiscent of those beautiful wildflowers of Kildonan gently blowing in the summer sea breeze. 

“We’re extremely excited to be launching a new fragrance for the first time in a decade, it’s a landmark moment for us as we move forward as a brand, building on the success of our past while pushing forward into new markets. There’s much more to come this year.  

“Kildonan complements our existing fragrance portfolio and just like all of our products it’s named after the island that inspired its creation, along with its breath-taking scenery.” 

Initially being launched in a luxurious bath and shower gel, hand wash, solid soap, and hand and body lotion; there are plans to expand the Kildonan range in the future. 

Enriched with the same minerals and skin-conditioning essential oils as the entire ARRAN Sense of Scotland bath and body care range, Kildonan will leave skin soft, nourished, and caressed with delicate, long-lasting fragrance. 

Kildonan Hand Wash – £16.00

Kildonan Bath & Shower Gel – £16.00

Kildonan Hand Cream – £16.00

Kildonan Boxed Saddle Soap – £6.50

More About Kildonan 

Kildonan in the far South of the Island lies a sheltered cove that welcomes the gulf stream. Where the beach is lined with silver sand, and large, rugged rock formations create natural break waters – stilling the water’s surface. Under the evening sun, the rocks and sand glow with a warm hue covering our secluded haven in a golden blanket of light. 

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