If you’re looking for ways to experiment with your cocktail-making and find some new recipes to showcase to your family and friends, then what better way than to take inspiration from around the world? And what better time than World Tourism Day? Here the drinks experts at House of Malt will take you through some of the best-tasting cocktail ideas from around the world so that you can discover your favourite new recipe.

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Cocktail ideas – Japan: sake martini

You can change up your martini experience with sake and some citrus flavours if you’re looking for something different. Try mixing Vermouth, sake, lemon bitters and ice, and then add a garnish of lemon peel when serving. This cocktail is a real game-changer for parties, casual get-togethers and Japanese meals, so it’s a great one to have up your sleeve. This cocktail is more zingy and tart than the traditional Vermouth martini and can provide a great foil to sweet dishes or to the delicacy of Japanese cuisine. If you are a fan of the savoury and refreshing quality of the classic martini, you should love this zesty twist.

Cocktail ideas – Mexico: the Cantarito

You’re probably familiar with the well-known Mexican cocktail the Margarita, and you might even enjoy a Paloma. But have you tried a Cantarito? If you enjoy a Paloma, then this is the cocktail for you, as both use tequila as their main spirit. But where the Paloma combines the tequila with grapefruit, the Cantarito adds more fruit flavours such as orange, lemon and lime juice to really make this a citrus experience. Traditionally, the Cantarito is served in a clay cup, but you can also serve it in a highball glass and enjoy the refreshing taste that way.

Cocktail ideas – Jamaica: rum punch

If you enjoy a good quality rum, there is no better way to use it than to make some rum punch, and really let the flavours sing. Take your favourite Jamaican rum, and add some sweet fruity flavours with strawberry syrup, banana, papaya, lime juice and pineapple juice. You can even add a dash of your favourite bitters if you want to give the punch an extra kick. Not only is this a great experiment to add to your repertoire, but it’s also a perfect swap for Pimm’s, to create a more interesting cocktail for relaxing evenings.

Cocktail ideas – France: Kir Royale

While this cocktail is a classic inside France, you might not have tried it before. Make it with blackcurrant liqueur and your favourite champagne, to really create a celebratory drink with a difference. This cocktail is supposed to be very sweet, perfect for those who enjoy dessert wines and sweeter sparkling drinks. The correct way to mix a Kir Royale is in fact to pour the blackcurrant liqueur into the glass first, and then pour the champagne on top so that the drink actually mixes itself. This is a very simple recipe, using only champagne, Crème de Cassis, and optional raspberries to garnish the glass with, so is an easy one to surprise friends and family with.

Cocktail ideas – Spain: Zurracapote

A fun cocktail to try from our friends on the continent is Zurracapote. There are numerous variations of this drink, but the central ingredients remain as red wine, sugar, lemon, dried fruits and spices. The method involves macerating the dried fruit and the spices in the wine for a few days, to allow the flavours to really develop. Then, you can serve the drink over ice, chilled or at room temperature depending on what you prefer. As this drink comes from the Rioja region in Spain, it is really elevated by using wines from this area to make it.

  • Ben Turnbull, Director And Head Wine Buyer, House of Malt comments:

“Exploring cocktails inspired by and from different countries around the world is a great way to expand both your drinks cabinet and your repertoire for when you’re hosting. It’s also a fun way to learn about other cultures and can introduce you to your new favourite drink recipes. Try to experiment with the less well-known cocktails from each region, and avoid the more famous options such as the Margarita and the mojito.

“Using good quality spirits and wines for your mixing will really elevate your cocktails and allow you to explore some beautifully made spirits from around the world. Try to use wines and champagnes from the countries or regions the recipes are from, and enjoy these drinks to their fullest.”

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