So, to keep the peace and try to find a compromise between two styles that perhaps don’t marry up, the interior design experts at My Bespoke Room have put together some tips on how you can come together to create the perfect home.

Start with function over form

The best place to start with your partner is agreeing on what you want the room to do before tackling what it looks like. Arguments over paint colours and furniture style can often occur when designing a room together, so it’s hard to know where to begin. Agreeing on the function of the room will give you more direction on what furniture and colours might work best.

Create a floor plan

After agreeing on a plan for the room function, having a realistic floor plan will form the boundaries for the rest of the design. If your partner is wanting a super king-size bed or huge corner sofa, but you think it won’t fit, they won’t be able to argue with the hard dimensions of the floor plan.

Gather inspiration separately

As designers, we want to create a space that suits you, which can be difficult with two different personalities in the room. We always advise couples to go away separately and gather some inspiration on what delights them before then reviewing them together.

 Look for common ground

After reviewing each other’s inspiration, it’s now time to find the common ground. Have a look and see if there is anything similar, like colour schemes or furniture styles then combine both boards to create a third board.

This third board is your shared vision and something you can keep going back to throughout your styling journey.

Merge your styles

Maybe one of you is into gothic maximalism and the other loves everything Scandi, that’s ok. The best room designs are the ones that combine styles to create something totally unique to you.

A top tip is to choose a primary style which will make up 70% of your furniture items and then a second that you layer in that will make up the remaining 30%.

Learn where to compromise

As with relationships themselves, there has to be some compromise. Both partners need to love the room equally. If you don’t, you’ll end up with a half-finished room that you both hate to be in and nobody wants that.

Get a third opinion

With the best will in the world, you’re probably still going to clash heads at some point. When you hit an impasse, it can help to have a third opinion to make the final call – especially an objective opinion with decades of designing experience!

Lucy Henderson, Head of Design, says, ‘Styling a home that is uniquely yours can be a really fun and rewarding experience for you and your partner – but not if you’re constantly arguing and clashing over creative differences.

It’s important to think about aspects you both like; it’s totally possible to create design schemes can marry the best of masculine design without losing feminine warmth and softness.”

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