With Valentine’s Day approaching, thortful.com have partnered with astrologer Inbaal Honigman to reveal the perfect date night according to your star sign.

From Gemini’s going to an open mic night to taking a Scorpio to a hidden bar to really impress them, this is the ideal way each star sign should spend the most romantic day of the year.


Location: Aries are active and restless, so a date to the climbing wall is a great place to take them.

Star sign match: Fellow fire sign Sagittarius would be up for anything adventurous.

Impress: To impress your Aries date, tell them you’ve just come straight from the gym.

Gift: Being a fire fan, Aries would appreciate a scented candle.


Location: Foodie Taurus would love to be spoiled by some fine dining.

Star sign match: Libra is ruled by the love planet Venus, just like Taurus, so they make a fabulous love match.

Impress: Taureans have a love of learning. Impress your date by showing off your knowledge and ordering from the menu in the original Latin.

Gift: A book will always find a happy home with a Taurus.


Location: Sociable Gemini loves being surrounded by people and making everyone laugh. Open mike comedy evenings are where they shine.

Star sign Match: Experimental Gemini would love to learn a thing or two from open-minded Scorpio.

Impress: Match the Gemini energy by demonstrating how confident you are on the karaoke stage.

Gift: Restless and full of beans, show a Gemini you know how to bring them momentary respite, with an adult fidget toy.


Location: Home loving Cancerian will appreciate being treated to a home-cooked meal at your house.

Star sign match: Fellow water sign Pisces matches the emotional depth of the Cancer.

Impress: Cancerians love their family, so halfway through the date, call your mum.

Gift: A beautiful bath set will suit this unassuming and humble water sign.


Location: An exclusive limousine ride around the fanciest parts of town will delight luxury-loving Leo.

Star sign match: Leo knows that they deserve the best that life has to offer – just like Capricorn.

Impress: They like to teach, so make your Leo proud of you by showing what a quick learner you are by quoting their favourite poetry to them.

Gift: Anything personalised or monogrammed, like a necklace with their initial will make a Leo feel special.


Location: Subtle and traditional, a Virgo just wants to get to know each other, so a pizza place with low music and good lighting is their go-to.

Star sign match: Opposites attract for sensible Virgo and quirky Aquarius.

Impress: Virgo value organisational skills, so book your seats a month in advance to impress.

Gift: A practical gift like a fancy notebook will show a Virgo that you value their practical side.


Location: The most elegant sign in the Zodiac, a visit to an art gallery would be a wonderful Valentine’s date for a Libra.

Star sign match: Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, which governs love and the home. Taurus is ruled by Venus too, so they are a perfect match.

Impress: Stylish Libra will know you’re their special someone if you match your suit to the decor.

Gift: Subtle Librans like pale colours, so you can’t go wrong with a diamond.


Location: An ironic date walking around a red-light district and giggling will show a Scorpio that you get their sense of humour.

Star sign match: Fellow free spirit Gemini makes a good love match.

Impress: If you know a hidden bar with only two tables and an unmarked door, they’ll know you’re a keeper.

Gift: A black infinity rose is romantic and works with the Scorpio aesthetic.


Location: A day pass to a water resort will make a Sagittarius feel like they’re living their dream holiday life.

Star sign match: Fellow fire sign Aries will share a lot of romantic traits with a Sagittarius.

Impress: Travelling is a Sagittarian’s favourite hobby, so tell them about all the places you’ve been to.

Gift: Anything that makes them laugh works for a Sagittarius, so chocolate inscribed with a rude joke is the key to their hearts.


Location: Only the best in life for Capricorn, like a fine dining experience in a TV chef’s restaurant.

Star sign match: Both Capricorn and Leo enjoy a dating experience steeped in luxury.

Impress: Show how on-trend you are by learning to pronounce designer names accurately.

Gift: Even a tiny box of chocolate will do, if those chocolates carry the stamp of one of the world’s most acclaimed chocolatiers.


Location: Environmentally aware Aquarius would love a vegan cafe, serving a medley of local veg and some homemade cake.

Star sign match: Big thinkers, Aquarius and Virgo fit well together.

Impress: Your selfie with Greta Thunberg will win you some Aquarian brownie points.

Gift: Show an Aquarian you care, by bringing flowers from your garden, using zero air miles.


Location: A beach date or a lake-side stroll is all a Pisces needs, to be near the water.

Star sign match: The most romantic sign of the zodiac needs another, Pisces and Cancer work well together.

Impress: Pisceans love to love, and love the people who do, so impress your Pisces by serenading them quietly while holding hands.

Gift: From seashell-shaped soaps to a chocolate starfish, any variation on the water theme will be received with love.

A spokesperson from thortful comments on the findings, “With Valentine’s Day swiftly approaching and many of us starting to plan our ideal date, we were interested in finding out just how we should this romantic day according to our star signs. Hopefully these insights from Inbaal inspire those looking for the ultimate Valentine’s Date!

“If you’re looking for the perfect card for your partner for Valentine’s Day, we have a selection here.”

Further inspiration on how to spend Valentine’s according to your star sign can be found here: https://www.thortful.com/blog/dream-valentines-day-based-on-your-star-sign/

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