Festival season is in full swing but for those unable to bag a ticket to one this year, why not bring the summer celebrations to you and host your very own mini-festival? Say goodbye to camping in a muddy field, long bar queues and of course – the portaloos.


Premium outdoor oven brand, Gozney, shares its top tips on how to transform your garden into a party paradise for your at-home festival.



 It’s all about the music 

What’s a festival without some great music to keep the fun atmosphere flowing? If you’re lucky enough to have a musically talented guest at your festival, ask them if they’d like to perform a special set on the night. Whether they’re able to get down on the DJ decks or if they’re gifted at the guitar, having a headliner at your at-home festival will make sure it’s an event to remember.


Create a playlist full of the hottest summer tunes that will get everyone up dancing. Choose the music in advance so you can enjoy the festival fun at the moment. Make sure you have some solid speakers too so the music can be enjoyed by all guests.


If you want to party late into the night without annoying your neighbours, why not host a silent disco? Ask guests to bring a pair of headphones and sync up the playlist, so you can still enjoy a boogie!


 Don’t forget the decorations 

Set the scene by following a theme; from flower power to glitter galore, opt for a theme that’s easy for everyone to follow to spread the festival spirit. Once you’ve set the theme, it’s time to get your outdoor space looking the part with some standout decorations – like paper streamers, glow sticks, blankets and balloons.


If you have some cardboard lying around, get creative by decorating it into a sign for your festival and pop it by your front door so guests know that they’re in the right place. Don’t forget to give your festival a name!


We all know the weather in the UK is unpredictable. Be sure to grab a gazebo so your festival can go ahead come rain or shine. Place some solar lights or bunting around the inside of the gazebo to add a pop of extra colour to your garden.


 Cook up a storm

No festival is complete without some tasty food. Level up your garden party with the Gozney Dome (RRP £1,799), as you’re sure to please guests with this award-winning oven. With its ability to roast, steam, bake and fry using either gas or wood, there are plenty of dishes you can cook that give that festival feeling.


From Smash Burgers to Seekh Kebabs to a classic Neapolitan Pizza, these recipes will definitely get mouth-watering. Try Gozney’s Chocolate Chip Cookie or Peanut Butter Brownie recipes if you’re also looking to hit that sweet spot.


 Choose a signature drink

Now that you have the good food planned, it’s time to move on to drinks. Grab some cool boxes and stock up with a selection of wine, beer and soft drinks, so your guests can help themselves. For little ones, fill up a drinks dispenser with juice so you can keep their drinks flowing too.


You can also go all out by serving a signature cocktail. Margaritas, Pimm’s and Piña Coladas are all classic summer-inspired drinks that are perfect for a garden party. Get ahead of the drinks rush by prepping your chosen cocktail in advance so all that’s left to do on the day serve and enjoy.


 Look the part 

Finally, it’s time to dress up! Make sure to reference when inviting guests if you want them to dress following the theme you have chosen. You could even host a competition for the best dressed to encourage guests to dress in their best festival gear. Otherwise, dressing in colourful clothes is a must to amplify the festival atmosphere.


Don’t forget to get the kids involved and look the part too. Having a table with face paints or temporary tattoos at the ready is a great way to make sure your festival is fun for all the family.


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