As we venture into the latter part of 2023, two trends in interior design have taken centre stage: “Dark Academia” and “Dark Maximalism.” These design movements are set to transform living spaces with their bold and moody palettes, and they’ve gained substantial traction, as recent statistics attest.

Data research from Bathroom Deal has revealed that over the past month, there has been a surge of over 20% in Google searches for ‘Dark Academia.’ Globally, this term is now being searched a staggering 60,000 times every month.

Image from The Nordroom on Pinterest (left) and Room for Tuesday on Pinterest (right).

Meanwhile, “Dark Maximalism” has been gaining a similar level of popularity, boasting impressive figures on Pinterest. Monthly searches for “Dark Maximalism” on the platform have surged by 80%, and on a yearly basis have increased by 100%, reinforcing the fact that dark and moody palettes are set to be a key trend for the upcoming seasons.

To help discover whether the trend is for you, Warren Kinloch – bathroom interiors expert at Bathroom Deal – has provided some reasons as to how having a dark bathroom could benefit you, alongside some of the products you can use to create the look.

Image from Desire To Inspire on Pinterest (left) and Sarah Rosenhaus Interior Design on Pinterest (right)

  1. A dark colour palette can contribute to a restful night’s sleep

“If you’re eager to infuse your bathroom with the allure of Dark Academia or Dark Maximalism, you have to be open to embracing rich and deep colour palettes. You’ll likely be exploring shades like black, navy, or the trending deep emerald green for your bathroom walls.

As an added benefit to being on trend, these dark colours create a unique ambience that can actually help you unwind after a long day. The association between darkness and nighttime can contribute to a healthier evening routine, setting the stage for a restful night’s sleep.”

  1. Dark bathrooms are the perfect spot for morning meditation

“If you’ve ever found solace in the dimly lit meditation rooms often found in spas, a dark cave-like bathroom could be your ideal choice. Not only does it enhance your evening routine, paving the way for a restful night’s sleep, but it’s also perfect for morning meditation. If your daily life is filled with stress, a dark bathroom becomes a tranquil haven for morning showers, enabling you to incorporate deeper meditation practices into your daily routine. This morning meditation ritual can set a positive tone for the day, helping you navigate challenges with a clear and centred mind.”

  1. You can still be creative with wallpaper and textures

“Having a dark bathroom can really challenge your creativity and put your decorating skills to the test. Not many popular bathroom colours, like pastel-hued blues or sage greens, go with a dark bathroom, so you really need to think outside the box and let your mind run wild. I’ve seen everything from textured jungle-aesthetic bathroom wallpaper being used to incorporate deep reds and emerald greens onto a black wall, to vintage-style portraits being hung around the room in ornate gold frames. Having a dark bathroom is a great opportunity to tap into your own unique interior style and let that out.”

  1. You can easily build up to having a dark bathroom

“If you’re unsure about taking the leap, you can easily start by incorporating dark products into your bathroom little by little. Matt black bathroom products, such as towel radiators and hardware, are a huge trend right now so it’s fairly simple to make a slow transition by starting to change out these smaller elements and see how you get on.”

Warren recommends these products from Bathroom Deal to get you started…

Based on your own preference, try a square of circular shower set. Bathroom Deal’s Matt Black Square Shower With Concealed Valve Shower Head And Handset (left) is just £222 and is crafted from polished matt black PVD coated brass. The Matt Black Round Shower With Concealed Valve Shower Head And Handset (right) is £206 and both boast a 5-year warranty for your own piece of mind.

For a traditional look, why not try a matt black 3-column radiator (left) available in horizontal and vertical versions from just £171? If something more modern is better suited, Bathroom Deal’s Tunstall Double Matt Black Heated Towel Rail (right) might be more your speed, at £209.

Hardware, such as bathroom and shower taps, can easily add a dark touch to your bathroom at a much more affordable price point. Here you’ll see the Chetwode Waterfall Wall Mounted Matt Black Bath Filler Tap (left) at £100, the Heyford Wall Mounted Matt Black Bath Filler Tap (middle) at £78, and the Aston Waterfall Matt Black Basin Mono Tap (right) at £63.

All products in the Matt Black range come with generous warranties, ensuring long-lasting performance and peace of mind. Bathroom Deal continues to be a leading name in the industry, offering luxury products at affordable prices.

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With over 10 years in the industry, Bathroom Deal sources the finest quality products at the lowest industry prices, making luxury affordable for their customers. Their extensive selection of bathroom sanitaryware and accessories cater to all shapes, styles and budgets, helping customers find everything you need all in one place. Every step of the customer journey is quick and easy, with a browsing, ordering and delivery service that’s designed to bring simplicity.

Google trends graph showing an increase in monthly searches for ‘Dark Academia’.

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