Comprising savoury flavour notes of rosemary, basil and thyme, this super-premium gin is bringing the essence of the Mediterranean to the UK

Indulge in the Mediterranean with Gin Mare, a super-premium gin that perfectly captures the essence of the Mediterranean lifestyle in a bottle.

Gin Mare strives to inspire consumers to enjoy a taste of life the Med way, instilling its values of sharing in connection, gastronomy, nature and hospitality. 

“Mare Nostrum” is the Latin translation for Mediterranean Sea, representing family, people and the sea, that unite countries and shared culture. Gin Mare is the ideal aperitivo drink to pair with fresh, simple and seasonal gastronomy, embracing the flavours and attitude of the Mediterranean lifestyle, to savour more meaningful moments with loved ones. 

The distinct flavour notes of Gin Mare combine rosemary, basil, thyme and Arbequina olives for a wonderful savoury twist. Alongside Gin Mare’s hero ingredients, the gin contains hints of coriander, juniper berries, green cardamom and a blend of zesty lemons and oranges from Seville and Valencia. The result is a light and refreshing savoury Mediterranean gin profile with elements of spice, herbs and citrus. Its depth of flavour and aromatic components allows Gin Mare to be effortlessly paired with gastronomy.

Distilled in an old fishing village just outside Barcelona, the gin is made using traditional techniques from the Mediterranean, through a delicate maceration and independent distillation process. Each of the nine botanicals are distilled and macerated separately before they are blended together to create Gin Mare’s signature flavour. 

Gin Mare can be best enjoyed in a stem wine glass, combining 50ml Gin Mare and 120ml tonic, garnished with rosemary and an orange peel. 

Gin Mare is available in Waitrose, RRP £39. For more information, visit

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