PerfectDraft, the in-home beer specialists have unveiled their latest innovation, the PerfectDraft Pro machine.


All-new features include variable temperature control, app connectivity, and fast cooling, allowing for the perfect pour. Designed with a premium brushed finish and LED display, beer lovers can see the exact keg temperature and volume of beer remaining in real-time, making it easy to avoid the disappointment of a warm pint or an empty keg.

Beer lovers are spoiled for choice as the PerfectDraft Pro is compatible with over 40 different kegs. Styles include lager, IPA, stout, Belgian ales, and cider amongst others. Brands available on the Beer Hawk website include Stella Artois, Lowenbrau, BrewDog, Tennent´s, Tiny Rebel, Leffe, Goose Island, and Budweiser. Draught aficionados can enjoy this variety of beverages at their leisure, as the PerfectDraft Pro keeps beer fresh for 30 days.

The PerfectDraft Pro’s new variable temperature control gives carte blanche to choose between 0o to 12o degrees Celsius, creating the perfect condition for the tipple of choice.

Introducing Smart Pour technology, the new machine allows for the perfect pour every single time, with no excess foam when pouring a beer. The machine’s cooling system has also been re-engineered, fast-forwarding the chilling of the keg from room temperature to ‘just right’ in less than 12 hours. The machine will also stabilise the keg’s temperatures more rapidly, even in warmer environments.

The PerfectDraft App gives total control to serve the best beer at the right temperature, all from the palm of one’s hand. By connecting the machine to the app, it opens up to the ultimate experience:

  •  Monitor the level of beer left in the currently connected keg and the number of days remaining for beer freshness, to always be prepared to re-stock.
  • Switch up the temperature on the go, allowing to chill the beer ahead of returning home.
  • Access PerfectDraft services, including Beer Hawk’s shop to order a new keg of choice and to obtain support.
  • Push notifications, notifying when the keg is ready to pour or nearly empty.
  • Get the ideal food-pairing, glassware, and temperature recommendations for each beer available.

Tim Deeks, Global Director of Product & Brand at PerfectDraft said: “The PerfectDraft Pro is the next step in the evolving technology of home beer, allowing beer lovers to become a draught master. There’s something incredibly satisfying about pouring yourself a beer, and with this new machine we’ve done everything to make that experience as smooth and perfect as possible, allowing users to celebrate the moment of the pour truly.”

PerfectDraft uses recyclable aluminium kegs, and after it’s finished, the kegs will be collected, and £5 in beer tokens will be loaded onto your Beer Hawk account.

The PerfectDraft Pro expands the range of PerfectDraft products alongside the existing Philips PerfectDraft machine and is available for £385 RPP (Machine Only). The PerfectDraft Pro is now available to purchase HERE.

The Philips PerfectDraft Machine (£249.99), which will continue to be available on our websites, features a chrome finish and a built-in LED display that shows you the exact keg temperature and volume of beer remaining. The Philips PerfectDraft is also compatible with Beer Hawk’s wide range of beer and cider kegs.

The PerfectDraft App is now available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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