In the past, ‘doubling up’ has typically meant drinking more alcohol, but the tides are changing, as champions of the mindful drinking movement, Harrogate Spring Water, is calling on Brits to ‘double up’ on the fun, memories and moments, by drinking more water and being more mindful.   

New research from Harrogate Spring Water reveals 45% of Brits plan to ‘double up’ this summer, by drinking more water and embracing mindful drinking, with 26% of Brits believing they can better enjoy social occasions when they drink more mindfully.  

As a result, 30% of Brits are opting for more water, non-alcoholic, soft drinks over alcoholic drinks at social occasions. 

As the summer season sets in, attitudes to drinking are shifting, with Brits now aware of terms like ‘sober sipping’ and ‘hydration hacking’, prompting motivation to mindfully drink. This is particularly true of Gen Z, with 35% having reduced their alcohol intake since last summer, more so than any other generation.  

The younger generation is jumping on the mindful movement in a big way, with TikTok and Instagram inspiring Gen Zs to drink less. The content platforms have seen #sobertok climb in popularity, with 67% of 18 to 27-year-olds reducing their alcohol intake after seeing such mindful drinking content on Instagram, and 37% due to TikTok. 

Despite shifting mindsets, 72% claim they do not drink enough water (less than litre a day); with reasons for this ranging from forgetting to hydrate (55%), to not always having water nearby (25%).  

To support the British Public in meeting their hydration goals*, Harrogate Spring Water will make a return to Royal Ascot with The Mindful Drinking Bar. The bar will serve a range of zero and reduced alcohol cocktails including the debut of the new non-alcoholic cocktail of the season, The Lemon Royale Spritz, created with Harrogate Spring’s sparkling water. Perfect for sipping in the summer sunshine, this deliciously delicate spritz includes notes of rhubarb, citrus and a botanical hint of lemon thyme.  

With this in mind, Harrogate Spring Water, in partnership with media personality and sober curious celeb Tasha Ghouri, will show how to ‘double up’ on fun by embracing mindful drinking .  

Media personality and mindful drinking advocate, Tasha Ghouri, has partnered with Harrogate Spring Water to encourage the nation to double up on water, to make the most of summer moments. Speaking about the collaboration, she said: “I’ve made a huge effort in recent years to boost my overall wellness, and one positive change I’ve made is being more mindful when I drink alcohol. As one of the most coveted socials of the summer, it’s so great to see Harrogate Spring Water bringing the mindful drinking movement to Royal Ascot, by encouraging racegoers to double up with water on the day. It’s so refreshing to see more zero and reduced alcohol options now on offer, more so in the last year. Being more mindful can be just as fun, so why not try a mindful tipple, like the Harrogate Spring Water Lemon Royale Spritz, and make the most of your summer.” 

Richard Hall, Managing Director at Harrogate Spring Water says, “Over the past few years, we’ve noticed people taking control of their wellbeing, with upping their water intake* being one of the key trends. We know that adults of today are becoming more mindful of both their drinking habits and hydration, with 45% committing to doubling up this summer by drinking more water and embracing mindful drinking. 

“Hydration will be front of mind this summer. That’s why, as the Mindful Drinking champions, we are back at Royal Ascot this year to encourage the nation to drink less alcohol and ‘double up’ on Harrogate Spring Water, and our Lemon Royale Spritz, to double up on the fun, memories and moments.” 

For more information on The Lemon Royale Thyme Spritz by Harrogate Spring Water, head to 

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